Reliafy is an excellent visual tool. No matter the data you have, whether it is censored or truncated, Reliafy can help you visualise the data and understand the distribution.

Easy to use

Don't make your job harder than it already is. Use reliafy to simplify your reliability analyses. It has never been so easy for you to get the reliability characteristics of your assets. Model your failure data with the Weibull distribution and optimise your equipment.

Excellent Value

Reliafy is excellent value for money. Reliafy can help you make your equipment more reliable and give you the availability and reliaility you need at a reasonable cost.


Reliafy has the tools you need to make your operation more reliable.


Perfect for your reliability data

Reliafy is the perfect place to store the data for your reliability analyses. It is saved (or not) so that you can quickly do a reliability analysis, and if your assumptions change or you get more data, you can simply update it. Imagine all your reliability data in once place.


Fit your Weibull (or other) distribution

Reliafy can fit Weibull, Gumbel, Normal, LogNormal, Gamma and more distributions to your data. This gives you the distribution of your failures so you can understand the risk that failures pose to your equipment and operations.


Perfectly designed

Once you have a reliability model you can simply use the cost of breakdown and the cost of planned replacement to calculate the optimal replacement interval.


Share your analysis

Once you have done an analysis you can share it with your team, management, colleagues, clients, or anyone who needs to act on your analysis. Imagine the reliability improvements you can make by showing the analysis of your data.


Affordable reliability software

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  • You can save one data set and fit up to five models. If you want more you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.
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  • Reliafy can build the tools you need to support your reliability program.
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